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Cleansing Kit incl. Palo Santo & Incense

Cleansing Kit incl. Palo Santo & Incense

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Cleanse and purify your space with our cleansing kit.

Each set contains:
šŸ¤Set of instructions / informationĀ 
šŸ¤Selenite wand
šŸ¤Pack of white sage incense
šŸ¤Palo Santo stick
šŸ¤Clear Quartz cluster Ā 

Complete with a packet ofĀ sage incenseĀ (12 sticks) for cleansing energies, an ethically sourcedĀ PaloĀ Santo stick to burn for bringing in positivity. Selenite wandĀ for purifying your aura or using around your home to cleanse passing energies. Finally a beautiful clusterĀ of Brazilian Quartz to allow amplification of your intentions, purifying your surroundings and aiding visualisation meditation.Ā 

*Please note that crystals are naturally formed and so each may differ slightly from those shown*

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