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Faceted Crystal Bracelet

Faceted Crystal Bracelet

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These faceted crystal bracelets capture the light beautifully, making them stunning gifts to someone special or yourself 💗

We have a variety of different crystal bracelets including:

💜Amethyst - February: Peaceful, Helps Sleep. Third Eye/Crown Chakra
Peridot - August: Compassion, Love, Affection. 
Heart/Solar Plexus Chakra
💙Aquamarine - March: Calming, Trust, Release.
Throat/Third Eye Chakra
Clear Quartz - April: Inspiration, Balance, Radiance. Crown Chakra
ğŸ’ŽAmazonite - December: Soothing, Clarity. 
Heart/Throat Chakra
💗Rose Quartz - October: Hope, Protection, Love.
Heart Chakra

Bracelets are elasticated so can be suitable for all: Faceted are our slightly smaller sized bracelets which would ideally suit max wrist size 6-7inches. 
(I comfortably wear 7-7.5inches and these still have movement around my wrist) 🤍

Please note: crystals are 100% natural materials, so each one may vary. 

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