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Customers always ask me this one question...

Hello there! Amanda here, I'm the owner of The Crystal Cave, Shoreham-by-sea.

As well as my physical shop, I also work a lot online...which means I deal with a lot of people's questions and queries. Anything from 'which crystal do I need?' to 'do these really work?' and anything in-between.

One of the latest questions I hear a lot of is 'how can I reclaim the energy in my home?'... that's right, many of my customers have either moved into a new home and want to make the space theirs, or have an 'unwelcome' guest of the spiritual realm or more recently, have separated from their partner they lived with and want to reclaim their space again.

Whatever this looks like for you, if you want to know how to energetically cleanse your space, here are my top tips.


What to use (Prep + Equipment)

Choose ONE or ALL of the following for the main deep cleanse

- Smoke Cleanse (Sage, Palo Santo, Incense)

- Sound (Singing Bowl, Symbols etc.)

- Crystals (I'd recommend a wand or tower shape for directional energy)

* During any cleanse I'd recommend opening all windows to allow energy to flow out *


What to do

Depending on your choice(s) of equipment here is a quick guide for each

- Smoke Cleanse: Light your chosen torch and let the flame extinguish to bring the smoke out. As the smoke flows raise it as high as you can to the corners of the room where stagnant energy tends to hang out. Proceed to cover each corner with the smoke and then cover the rest of the room using your intuition to guide you.

(TIP: Be sure to have a heatproof plate/dish to hold the torch safely whilst it cools after use - I use an abalone shell)

Sound: Take your chosen device and strike it to bring the sound, stand in the middle of the room and allow the sound to permeate the space. Move on when you feel ready to do so, repeating as often as you like and using the same action in each room you wish to be cleansed.

- Crystals: For long term protection in the home and to clear stagnant energy, I'd highly recommend a black tourmaline, selenite and fluorite around the windowsills and door frames. Many people put these near the front door also - do what feels right for you and your home try not to worry too much about what you *should* do, instead use this as an opportunity to tune into your intuition

For a one off ritual, I would use a longer crystal, ideally a wand shape or tower shaped crystal (it doesn't matter which material just use what you have) and first hold the crystal with the intention to help you to cleanse and remove unwanted energies.

Follow the same method as the smoke clearing by using the crystal to clear your space in the corners, doorways and windows. Again follow your intuition if you want to do anything else which feels right.


What happens next?

One tip I always offer once you've completed your cleansing, is always replace the empty energy with a new intention. Say it out loud or in your head and then set the intention with a new scent. 

You can do this with a cleansing room spray (I like a home-made essential oil blend), incense stick or my favourite, palo santo.

Palo Santo is a great one to use in-between deep cleansing for a burst of uplifting and rejuvenating energy shift. 

This will ensure your space is better protected and not left open to new unwanted energies.

Now enjoy the energy shift in your home! Repeat as often as you feel you need.


If you're feeling inspired to cleanse, you can check out my cleansing kit on the website to help you get started. It includes a selenite wand for crystal cleansing, sage torch for deep smoke cleansing, incense sticks for cleansing and intention setting and a palo Santo stick for cleansing top-ups.

Please feel free to get in touch if you are struggling with anything relating to energy cleansing and I can create another blog post with your questions for everyone to learn.

Thank you for getting all the way to the end and if you enjoyed this, watch this space for more tips from The Crystal Cave Blog.

With love,

Amanda xx


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