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Numerology Reading with Amanda

Numerology Reading with Amanda

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Unlock the mysteries of numbers to explain and help heal your life.


Numbers really do rule our lives. But do you know how to tap into this hidden advice, support and guidance? You can now discover how numbers unlock your potential and give a deeper, richer meaning to life plus understand why those negative patterns keep appearing and uncover ways to manage them.


All readings can be either in person at our shop in Shoreham-by-sea or virtual via video call. 

Duration of reading: 50-120 minutes


Choose your package:

1. Essential ReadingUnique, in depth session to unlock the deepest mysteries that numbers play in your life.

Includes: Personalised copy of notes during your reading + option to have in person or virtual.

2. "The Perfect Gift" Deluxe Reading:

Whether that's a gift for you or a loved one, this keepsake is a unique experience that's sure to elevate and inspire. 

Includes: All of the above PLUS Option to record your session AND 
Professionally printed and personalised copy of the reading - makes a great gift for the recipient and an aide to recalling the session to guide your way forward.

Total package value £101 - Saving £26!

3. Ultimate Reading: Maximise your experience and receive hand-picked crystals that are totally unique to your reading. 

Includes: All of the above PLUS Crystal(s) personalised to your reading (worth £60)*

Total package value £161 - saving £50!

4. “An Introduction to your Numerology” - Digital E-Reading (PDF)

This in-Depth E-mail Numerology Report looks at your name number, soul number, your social mask, quality of life/vocational, karmic lesson and life mission as well as BONUS material such as a printable chart, your ruling planets, astrology connections and corresponding supporting crystals SPECIFICALLY for your numbers.***

A great way to start your journey into your numerology report and understand the basics of numerology. 

5. "FREE Numerology Consultation" - via Phone

Find out if a Numerology Reading is right for you with a 15 minute consultation discussing how a reading works and what you can expect.

Calls will be booked within 24 hours so please ensure you have shared your phone number to allow for contact to be made.





  • Price does not include shipping for remote sessions
  • Crystals are chosen intuitively by your reader to suit your unique numbers and can not be chosen the recipient
  • Crystal value in this package can not be exchanged for cash or vouchers


  • We are really happy to produce an e-voucher for your reading if you’re choosing to gift, please leave a comment in “notes” when you place your order. Voucher includes instruction on how to book. 
  • Vouchers have a 6 month expiry time to book your reading.

***E-mail numerology readings ONLY:

Please send your full birth name (as on your birth certificate), date of birth and your e-mail address. If you have changed names please let me know, or if you prefer a report for a nickname or shortened name please include this in your e-mail.

This numerology reading is created for you once your order is placed. It may take up to 48 hours to deliver your report based on orders that week.

Dates of birth are best sent in words as the format changes with different locations. The report will be sent as a compressed PDF document as it is a detailed report which contains a printable chart and is great value for money.

****We are unable to offer refunds on these items due to the nature of the work involved before, during and after a booking. 

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