About Us

The Story

Huge welcome to The Crystal Cave Online.
My name is Amanda and I, am a crystal addict.
I wanted to take a moment and share with you how and why I do what I do...

The How

It's fair to say I kick-started the intention into a Crystal Business because my journey started like many of us, being unconsciously drawn to crystals for some time but never understood their value. I also had friends who loved them and shared their enthusiasm with me, but for years, I never did anything about it.

I understand now, that a crystal or spiritual journey only starts when you're ready to listen, for me that was April 2020. 

We were just at the start of lockdown 1.0 and so much was changing for many of us. I decided after many years of managing a very draining family relationship, to remove them from my life, it felt like I was at the cross roads of change.

The cord cutting (so to speak) was an extremely difficult decision but instantly I knew it was right because I suddenly felt so very wide awake. In this state, I found myself receiving various spiritual downloads and communication from lost loved ones and family members, whom I'd never met before. I can assure you, it was all as crazy as it sounds! This all really excited, but scared me at the same time. 
One day, I received a spiritual communication which was so chilling it haunted me for days afterward. I realised I am opening myself to this 'realm' without any form of protection or grounding and after this particular message, I felt vulnerable.

The Why

I suddenly understood then that I needed to be connected to crystals not only as a form of protection when I receive or seek communication from spirits, but also as a way to amplify this skill I felt I had 'suddenly' acquired.
I quickly became amazed at how life had bought me to this stage, but also that it had tried bringing crystals into my life at various points without me realising.

After building a personal collection I was completely in love with and used them frequently to support and amplify my spiritual readings. I knew I had to set up a business to help other people in my situation to easily be able to access not only Crystals, but to gain support, experience and understanding from someone who can truly relate.


Amanda - Crystals - Statement Crystal

I understand that everyone has their own unique spiritual journey, whether you are an empath; feeling really drawn to crystals; starting to have psychic visions or receiving signs from lost loved ones, whatever that looks like for you, my experience has taught me how crystals can support and enhance your inner gift.

Now I certainly can't claim to be able to receive a message from your loved one, it all happens very organically for me and I actively chose not to pursue my ability professionally. Instead, I decided that The Crystal Cave be born in order to fill the gap in the market that I was looking for when this journey began for me.

The Now

So now, I am the proud owner of The Crystal Cave in Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex! 

The Crystal Cave UK Logo

I have loved the journey so far and have learned so much. Everyone has been incredibly supportive and we can already safely say I have so many new friends from this experience. 

I understand now that this was always my life's purpose, to work with the crystal community and bring you all the most beautiful, high grade, unique and ethically sourced crystals that we can find, to help you through whatever life presents you with.

What's New for The Crystal Cave?

It's fair to say since starting this journey in 2020, a LOT has changed.

2021, I opened the doors to The Crystal Cave in Shoreham-by-sea.

2022, I quit my corporate job to pursue my passion and set the foundation for the business.

2023, In addition to the shop, I now offer weekly online crystal sales on instagram, numerology readings and crystal candles!

It's certainly been a helluva ride and I continue to improve, refresh and update our existing offerings to bring you the best products and service possible.

What's Next?

Now I have established a fixed foundation in West Sussex, Shoreham-by-sea with my little shop, the next goals are vast but well underway.

I am so excited as this journey continues to unfold and as I continue to receive so much great feedback, it drives me to bring our community even closer together.

Watch this space for new and exciting updates as I continue to find my own unique way to serve each of you in the best possible way.

Thank you all for supporting me every step of the way.

Much love, Amanda. xxxx

The Crystal Cave - Shoreham-by-sea - West Sussex