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Deluxe Crystal Sleep Set

Deluxe Crystal Sleep Set

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This one off deluxe set comes complete with:

1. Howlite TowerHowlite is known for having a soothing energy that helps alleviate stress and help insomnia sufferers. For anyone having difficulties sleeping, all you need do is simply place one under your pillow to tap into the relaxing energy it provides.

2. Madagascan Rose Quartz Palm: Rose Quartz is known to improve your sleep quality and will help you to have pleasant dreams.

3. Rainbow Moonstone: Moonstone helps to reduce emotional stress, making it easier for our mind and body to fall asleep. The stone was even used in ancient times as a sleeping stone. This stone carries the energy of the new moon, which symbolises new beginnings.

4. Amethyst Cluster: By far the most widely known sleep crystal because it provides such a soothing and serene frequency that we can’t help but feel relaxed in its presence. 
It settles the mind chatter that keeps us awake, removes any negative energies that might be getting in the way of a restful night of sleep, and it is also one of the best crystals for nightmares.

5. Selenite Tumble: Selenite Is an Excellent Gemstone for Sleep Disorders 
In cases of sleep disorders such as insomnia or lack of sleep, this crystal surrounds your body with positive energy while you are sleeping so that while you wake up, you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

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How to Use These Crystals for Sleep

There are many different ways to use crystals for sleep and you should choose the methods that resonate with you. Here are our favorite ways...

Place These Crystals on Your Bedside Table

Probably the easiest way to use these crystals for sleep is to place them on your nightstand. You can put them in a little bowl or just on the table as is. You don't have to use all of the crystals together but you certainly can. 

Place a Crystal Under Your Pillow

By placing one of these crystals for sleep under your pillow, you're getting as close as you can to the stone's frequency. Amethyst is my favorite crystal to place under my pillow because it promotes healthy sleep on so many levels, but you could choose any of the crystals we discussed.

Place Crystals Under Your Bed

Another way to place your crystals for sleep is under your bed. You can fill a small bowl with rice and then place the stones on top of it. Then, place the bowl under your bed where your head would be.

Meditate With These Crystals Before Retiring to Bed

Crystals for sleep are also helpful outside of the bedroom. For example, you might choose to meditate while holding one or more of these crystals for sleep before you head off to bed. It will relax you and prepare your mind and body for a restful night of sleep.

Carry These Crystals With You Throughout the Day

Believe it or not, carrying these crystals with you during the day can help you get a better night's sleep. This is because it helps to balance the mind, body, and spirit, keeping you in a calmer state of mind and helping your body to more easily settle down at night.

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