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Grey Amphibole Quartz | Angel Phantom Quartz | Tower | A | 590g

Grey Amphibole Quartz | Angel Phantom Quartz | Tower | A | 590g

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About Amphibole | Angel Phantom Quartz

Amphibole quartz is a variety of quartz that contains inclusions of minerals such as lithium, kaolinite, hematite, and limonite, giving it a wispy or feathery appearance.

It is primarily found in Brazil and is relatively rare. The name "amphibole" comes from the Greek word for "ambiguous".

The inclusions in amphibole quartz can be fibrous asbestos minerals, such as actinolite and tremolite.

Amphibole quartz is also known as angel phantom quartz and is surrounded by other gemstones like rutilated quartz, angelite, and celestite.

Properties of Amphibole | Angel Phantom Quartz

The interesting metaphysical properties of the angel phantom quartz make it one of the most coveted possessions of crystal healers. They believe that this mystical gem has the power to connect with the highest energies of the universe, where our spirit guides and guardian angels live.

It can activate our higher chakras, thereby opening up our senses and realizations to become the best version of ourselves. It can instil feelings of honesty and universal love and bring balance, harmony, and stability to our lives.

This crystal is also used to guard against psychic attacks and raise our intuitions to higher elevations. When kept at the workplace, this gemstone can help ensure harmony among co-workers and cultivate positivity in all aspects of life.

Height = 142cm
Width = 67cm
Depth = 42cm

Weight = 590g


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